1. Visit Checkout Settings

Go to Checkout Settings page in the shopify Admin Panel. Settings > Checkout

2. Scroll to Customer Contact Section

In the Customer Contact section, select the “Customers can only check out using email” option. Note: this will separate email and phone fields at checkout, enabling us to text more people.

3. Look for the Form Options Section

In the Form Options section, make the Shipping address phone number field Optional (to remain compliant with US and European regulations).

4. Scroll to Checkout Language Section

Scroll down and click Manage Checkout Language

5. Scroll to “Optional Phone Label”

Under Phone Label and Optional Phone Label, enter this text: Phone – Receive SMS support, updates and offers from our team (msg. & data rates may apply) Tip: Using find – Ctrl+F (PC) or Command+F (Mac) – the fields are the 3rd and 4th mention of “phone label” on this page.

6. Scroll backup and click the Save Button

Once you have entered this text, scroll to the top of the page and click the purple Save button.

Here is a example of how a checkout looks after all of these steps are taken:

Go to your website checkout and make sure that your new opt-in message appears in the phone field on the shipping page.